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Set out your stall in our Marketplace and attract new customers

Our Marketplace is where businesses in Hertfordshire go to find advice, services and support from companies like yours. It’s a brilliant way to bring businesses together who can benefit from external expertise.


As a supplier, you can create a detailed business profile, promote what you do and direct customers to your website. You’re in control of your profile and potential customers can contact you directly.


Those looking for help can also submit briefs. So, for example, if a business is looking to build a website, and you’re a web design agency, you can come together through the Marketplace and create something new.

Share your knowledge in the Knowledge Bank

The Knowledge Bank provides resources to businesses like factsheets, templates, guides and more.


Whether they’re looking for advice on importing or regulations or they want to put together a business continuity or marketing plan, companies can find a wealth of free information, all categorised, tagged and easy to find.


As a business registered with Hertfordshire Growth Hub, you also have access to all this information to support your own company. And, as a supplier, you can even submit your own resources to us. If they’re suitable, we’ll make them available in the Knowledge Bank too.

Bring more businesses to your events

If you want to attract more potential customers to your webinars, workshops, conferences and breakfast briefings, become a Hertfordshire Growth Hub supplier and promote your events for free to thousands of businesses across the county.


We’re always interested to collaborate with suppliers that deliver events on topics that are important to our customers. Get yourself registered as a supplier to explore how you can work with us.

Register as a business, as well as a supplier

As a registered supplier with Hertfordshire Growth Hub, you have the exciting potential to reach many more customers and grow your business.


But if you’re also an SME, you’re probably experiencing a lot of the same challenges as your customers. Challenges like:

  • how do you get access to finance in Hertfordshire?
  • how do you attract and develop talent?
  • how do you plan for growth?

Register as a business as well as a supplier, and we’ll help you get the support you need – with access to resources, suppliers, business support bodies and, potentially, face-to-face support from our network of advisers, coaches and mentors.